This majestic hotel has been built as if it were for true gods, and in essence it is so, since our guests are true gods who have the opportunity to come to pamper themselves in the best place in Punta Cana.

Everything in this hotel is really beautiful, but in this case let's talk about the rooms, the rooms are a true dream come true, one more luxurious than the other, with all the comforts and luxuries so that your days of stay are totally 5 stars .

The best part of the day, and we assure you with certainty, will be when you go to your comfortable and beautiful room, where a huge and very comfortable bed awaits you that will make you delirium and rest in the best way, a bathroom where You will spend hours and hours because there you will find everything to pamper yourself for a long time, and by this we mean, that the rooms have a splendid Jacuzzi included.

But the best, really the best of this place, is the panoramic view it has from every room, no matter where you are, your room has a balcony which opens the door to a new world.

From there you can see clearly how kind nature has been with this place, a beautiful landscape looks out from your window and when you leave the bank everything becomes immense and breathtakingly magical.

This balcony is the ideal place for excellent instagram photos, to spend hours reading a book, having a few drinks with friends or having a romantic encounter between couples, the view will do everything for you, just relax and delight yourself with the beauty that this paradise beachman offers you.

Elegance and prestige are the concepts under which this event has been brought to reality from your balcony, you will be able to observe the majestic lights of the ships that parade through the waters at night, the splendor of the moon that gives light to the crystalline waters that by day they provide a shade between green and blue and at night it is a true parade of dark blue waters in an imposing sea that invites you to relax and feel the gentle breeze on your skin.

From your balcony you can feel the true party, the one that gives life to your soul and your body alike, your senses will be in full bloom, your eyes will enjoy a real show from the balcony of your room, your ears will enjoy a soft sound that combines the movement of the sea with the dance of palm trees and the splendid tropical breeze, your nose will appreciate the soft smells of a beach day in paradise, your mouth will taste a delicious drink and a tempting sandwich and your hands will feel the Bgo0ndades everything you can protect from the tranquility of a splendid balcony.